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The Internet is like many other inventions and era's during the history of man. The advent of the printing press, the Industrial Revolution, radio and television have brought people, information and ideas together in ways that few have been able to fully anticipate. The rate of change is swift and Taiwan Products On-line is here to provide our members and users with a unique combination of technical know how and commitment to customer satisfaction. These are our fundamental principles on which we will forge a prosperous era for our global partners.

Services Available:

Virtual Domain registration
Hosting of Corporate Web Sites
Web Page design & HTML encoding
HTML training
English/Chinese translation services
Chinese / English Web Page Design
Chinese Operating System setup & support
   - Windows '95c, Translation software
Chinese / English Software Sales & Service
   - Personal Computers.
Taiwan Products On-Line
Manufacturers & Suppliers Directory Listings
Bulletin Board Service
Manufacturer's E-mail System

Company Background

G.T. Internet Information Co., Ltd. was established in 1989. In the beginning G.T. was incorporated in response to the R.O.C.'s Department of Communication's plans to develop the Chinese Videotex System (C.V.S.), a public information access system linking over 80 different databases. G.T. Internet Information Co., Ltd. was responsible for establishing and maintaining the manufacturer's database. This position allowed G.T. Internet Information Co., Ltd. the opportunity to nurture and develop its present day relationships with manufacturers all over Taiwan.

In 1995, G.T. Internet Information Co., Ltd. established Taiwan Products On-Line which has rapidly grown to be one of the largest and most respected Manufacturer's Directory, Bulletin Boards and Internet Service companies on the island. Taiwan Products On-Line's reputation has been built by providing quality WWW hosting and authoring services mixed with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and technical expertise. Taiwan Products On-Line has expanded its international presence to include hundreds of global partners in countries around the world. Building on its wide range of skills and strategic relationships, Taiwan Products On-Line is successfully promoting this island community of Manufacturers to businesses around the world.

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